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The Biggest Loser and Body Confidence


Well, its that time of year again. #TheBiggestLoser is back, and you’re either at home eating ice cream and cake while watching it, or you’re googling Personal Trainers near me.

A lot of controversial shit is about to be thrown into your face as the gospel. Not because its true, but because its on TV, so it must be true.

First off I need to say – If you’re partner hasn’t seen you naked – this is NOT a body fat issue – this is a self talk issue. 
What are you saying to yourself – to make you believe that ‘the one who puts up with your shit and is still there’, the one whom some would say loves you, doesn’t want to see you naked, or at the very least, is ok with seeing you naked.

More often than not, this is false and a result of your internal negative self talk.
 People with this kind of self talk go on to develop body dysmorphia, anorexia, depression or related disorders.

Guess what – she could drop 20 kg and still have the same issue. She could gain 20 kg and lose the issue, being completely comfortable naked in front of her partner.

So if poor Nikki just wants the confidence to be naked with the light on, a PT will not do.

Please understand friends:
A Personal Trainer helps you exercise – You can lose weight with out exercise, you can have confidence with out losing weight.

A dietician or nutritionist can help you lose weight and have more energy. You can lose weight and still hate your body.

A psychologist or counsellor can help you love your body with out losing weight, with out eating better. But you’re still unhealthy.

A great health coach is all 3 to every client. This is where true transformation comes from. This is why a you pay more for a great trainer/coach/ mentor, and not just another sweat coach or cheer leader at your local good-first-any-snap-45.

Focus on your relationship with food, your relationship with exercise but most of all focus on your relationship with yourself.

Fat loss alone wont help you.

Be good to yourself. You two will be together for a while. 
Daniel Lyttle