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Daniel Lyttle Personal Trainer & Musculoskeletal Therapist

So, what do I do and how does that help you?

Let’s start with my title –
Musculoskeletal Therapist, broken down this just means I work with both the Muscles (Musculo) similar to a Physio/Massage Therapist, and the bones (Skeletal), similar to a Chiro, Osteopath.

Personal Trainer, I use exercise to correct muscular and Postural imbalances, accelerate weight loss, and sculpt the body towards a strong and healthy Physique.

Personal Trainer Daniel Lyttle hulk hands, contemplating the world

Yea, I like my Hulk hands. They help me think

As a Therapist working in clinic for over 7 years, I have heaps of experience treating most of todays common physical issues, like back pain, knee and ankle issues, postural issues and head aches.

Really, Im just a very knowledgeable Health coach who can create, and/or fix any issue you have.
I have countless stories of amazing clients who have lost 20, even 50kilos + Young men and women with poor posture who want to stand taller and straighter.

The elderly who struggle to stay mobile from old age, diseases lime arthritis and diabetes, getting out there and loving life again.

Young mothers who need pre and post baby care to get back in shape, with extra special care and attention.



How do I do this?

You see, there are 3 types of PT’s.

Before and After pic of Mum with stubborn baby weight. She lost 20 plus kilos

This took 16 weeks

PT’s who are great at making you sweat and feel exhausted.

PT’s who are great at motivating you, and being a cheer squad

and then
There are PT’s who view the body holistically, and Know you cant change the body, with out first addressing the mindset that got the body there in the first place.
The body and mind work together, dynamically, and constantly feeding off each other.
To go on a diet is only focusing on one aspect, (and the smaller aspect at that) To lose weight and keep it off forever takes a multi level approach.
This has been proven time and time again, as THE BEST way to lose weight for good.

The same goes for injury rehab. Bones don’t go out of place on their own. They are pushed out by an incident, or pulled out from constant tension.
To rehab your injury, your posture, or post natal recovery, requires understanding the muscles, and their origin and insertions. The force resting force and active force, constantly applied to your structure.

Creating balance between left and right, front and back, up and down, only then will your joints be at optimal strength.


Think of it this way. Any one can get in a car and drive south. Maybe you will get to Melbourne, maybe you wont. Maybe you’ll get lost, sick of trying, or break down on the way.

But if you sought council with someone who had spent years researching the fastest way, the most scenic way, the longest way, the most user friendly way, Don’t you think you would stand a much better chance of getting there, on time, in one peace, with some hair left over.

Let us guide your journey. Together, we’ll get you there

Working as a team, you are more likely to lose weight fast and keep it off.


Looking for the ultimate fitness training package? Contact us today for your complimentary Health and Fitness assessment. We would love to support your weight loss and body reshaping program/journey.

6 months from now, you could be looking in the mirror impressed with your choices and changes, or looking in the mirror, wishing you had started