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Our Pricing

Pricing @ The Lyttle Difference

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Fee’s and Cancellations

Booking Fees:

Here is a guide to our pricing structure. As treatments will differ from individual to individual (both in time and activity), we will adjust our pricing according to your personal needs. We will discuss the exact rate on evaluation of your specific case.

Treatment Location Price & Duration
Structural AND / OR Massage In Clinic $120 Initial (60 Mins)
$65 (30min for subsequent appointments)
In Home $70 (30 Mins Session)
Minimum call out $120 (regardless of time spent)
Personal Training INVICTUS 5 Starting at $75 (Up to 45 Min Session)
Nutrition Lesson Mobile $30 (20 Min Session)
Stretching Lesson Mobile $30 (20 Min Session)

*Mobile location – We will meet in a mutually beneficial location

*In clinic – We can meet at our East Brisbane location.


Nutrition Lessons can now be held via Skype or phone.

Coming Soon!

Stretching Lessons via Skype & Webcam.


Life is hectic, and stuff happens. At The Lyttle Difference we understand this and will try our hardest to roll with the punches.

However, there are also people out there that take this for granted and tend to abuse the kindness and generosity of others.

We can’t stand to think people are in pain, and it really rubs us the wrong way when we must turn away clients because we are fully booked out, only to have someone not show up or cancel at the last minute.



Greater than 24 Hrs

No penalty

Less than 24 hours

Full fee


And you don’t want to be one of ‘those people’ who constantly cancel. Remember, only those who can commit to making a change will ever achieve their goals.

Pre pay or buy in bulk is available and we offer great discounts for these payment methods.