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Invictus 5, 24 hour gym with Functional Group classes, Coorparoo

Are you Battle ready?

Every day we battle for what we want, what we need, and what we can have.
Don’t let your health be another losing battle. 

Can your body do what you expect of it?
Will it keep up with your mind?

Will it continue at the current rate for the next 40 years?

Strength Power Conditioning Mobility Nutrition

Get in shape, have fun and keep motivated, in a safe, supportive environment, with skilled instructors who care about your success.

These classes are open to beginning lifters, up to 7/10 fitness levels.
Whether you have 5 kilos or 50 kilos to lose
If you’re ready to take action about your health
If you’re ready to join a team of normal every day people, who choose to put their health, their body and their future high on the priority list … Then you are at the right place.

This isn’t about being olympic athletes, its about being yourself, only stronger, yourself, but fitter, and most of all, being yourself but healthier.

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as our way of thanking you,
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on your health and fitness.

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I know we talk about being ‘Battle Ready’, and for some of you, that may be intimidating, some of you may find that super cool.
But really, isn’t every day a battle?
Battling for what you want, what you need, and what you can have!

Don’t let your health be one of those things.

Your mind, and your body are 100% yours
That in itself is a gift.

Join us, as we sculpt our body, shape our life, and tune our mind into …

Battle Ready Super Humans

Latin for Unbreakable, or Invincible.
Are you ready to make that happen! 

Please note: Class sizes are capped to ensure your safety and best support. We offer quality for the committed. Not quantity for the interested.
These will sell out. Get in quick.

Start today, be better tomorrow

Using advanced programming with proven strategies pulled form HIIT- High Intensity Interval Training, BootCamps, The Australian Defence Force, Primal Movement Patterns, Caveman Training, Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics and Yoga, These sessions will have your muscles lit up with energy, Your body bumping with endorphins and your fat melting away.

Just 3 months of this and YOU WILL BE Stronger, more Powerful, Healthier, more coordinated and more confident.

One giant step closer to the Healthiest version of yourself.
Being Unbreakable!

Invictus 5 Meaning Invincible or Unbreakable 5. Exactly what you need to create the strongest version of yourself.

Strength – Conditioning – Mobility – Nutrition – Mindset

The 5 pillars of the perfect body, ready for anything and everything, work, life and friends can through at you.

Each and every session works towards your strongest, unbreakable body.
By interweaving the 5 pillars into every workout, weight loss, Posture and rehabilitation just happens.
Every day you are creating your INVICTUS 5 Body.

Just pop your name and details in the box below,

and one of our passionate instructors will contact you

for your complimentary health assessment, to help get you started.

We can’t wait to meet you, working with you and for you, towards your best You

Where are we? 

You can find us at 26 Harries Road Coorparoo

Personal training at Invictus 5 Gym

Strength Class

Strength sessions are run in a small group environment

You will be trained in the core lifts which include squat, deadlift and bench press.

These classes would suit people wanting to:

Increase strength

for sport, general health and people looking for a new challenge.

These classes are run in a small group setting to ensure a high emphasis on technique and minimise risk of injury.

Catering from beginners to advanced.

Classes capped at 12 people

Olympic lifting Class

Oly classes will focus on training the technique for the Olympic lifts Snatch, Clean and Jerk.

These classes are perfect for those wanting to:

Increase strength and power for there chosen sports or those wanting to lose weight or try a new sport/challenge.

Suitable for beginners to advanced.

Classes capped at 12 people

Conditioning Class

Conditioning sessions are run in a fun motivating group environment and are high intensity workouts which are based around functional movements such as kettlebells, body-weight gymnastics movements, running, rowing and skipping.

These classes are perfect for anyone!!

In particular those who are looking to:

step up their fitness routine or

lose weight and tone up.

Each workout can be scaled to your own ability

(beginner to advanced)

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