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Sports Massage

Sports Massage @ The Lyttle Difference

Here at The Lyttle Difference, our Therapists are trained in multiple modalities to give you a holistic approach. Whilst you may feel pain in a certain location, that’s not always the site of the problem. Our Therapists are trained in such Massage techniques as Remedial and Sports, Swedish, Advanced Deep Tissue, Cross Fiber Mobilization, Trigger Point, and Tui Na (a Chinese form using Acupoints and your Meridian Channels).

Having the knowledge and ability to alternate these styles when appropriate we can treat several issues at once whilst focusing on the cause and the symptom, relieving the issue with greater speed and accuracy.

This will save you time and money, and with a little education about what it is in your life that may have contributed to your pains, we can help you get back to ‘normal’ quicker.

That is our number one focus here at The Lyttle Difference.