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Pros and Cons of Exogenous Ketones
Ketones are a hot topic in the fitness and nutrition world right now. They’re a bi-product of fat that’s an alternative fuel source to sugars that’s used by your body when you consume a low carb, high fat diet. Research has shown there’s a number of great benefits of being in ketosis. But, because people (myself and probably you, included), like to get more from doing less, scientists have developed a way to supplement with
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The list of benefits that come from a ketogenic diet are impressive and plentiful! Many people have improved their health and lost weight by being in ketosis but, what exactly are the benefits of this high fat, moderate protein and low carb diet? Here I’ll dive into the facts on what’s so good about the keto diet to help you decide if it’s for you.   What is a Ketogenic Diet? A ketogenic, keto or
diet and the biggest loser - PT near me
Well, its that time of year again. #TheBiggestLoser is back, and you’re either at home eating ice cream and cake while watching it, or you’re googling Personal Trainers near me. A lot of controversial shit is about to be thrown into your face as the gospel. Not because its true, but because its on TV, so it must be true. First off I need to say – If you’re partner hasn’t seen you naked – this is
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Nutrition and Good Diet

Posted by Daniel Lyttle on  26/10/2016
Much like an effective Personal Trainer or Health Coach. We need to really examine your life, your habits, your needs and wants. We can’t stick you on a diet of rabbit food, when your lifestyle revolves around good food and great friends. A good diet is both flexible, sustainable and purposeful. Allowing you to enjoy the good days that are numbered on this earth. A good diet works from the inside out, cleaning your skin,
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Many people think by hiring a PT they will automatically lose weight and get fit. To a degree you will see some initial results, quickly followed by a plateau and (even worse) a possible rebound. Personal training like anything is a relationship built on trust, transparency and unity. There is no point in your trainer telling you to exercise 6 times a week & live off chicken and broccoli, if you hate chicken and are