Remedial Massage with Daniel Lyttle

Remedial Massage

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Remedial massage is unfortunately an over used term in today’s world, to describe an oil rub of your body.
But really – it should be a treatment to rival any Chiropractic or Physiotherapist treatment you could find.

The body is a complex organism dynamically responding and evolving to external and internal stimulus. To the untrained eye, the body can be a complex system of foreign names and movements – but really it’s just made up of thousands and thousands of pretty simple functions, all happening together like a well managed business or community.

In an over worked, over stressed, under active society who is chronically tight, toxic, and stagnant, who is out of touch with its inner voice and void of quality nutrition and repair, it’s not hard to see how the body can become imbalanced, hypersensitive, and achey.

A good remedial massage should be working on a multifaceted approach to increasing blood flow, decreasing inflammation, whilst searching for muscle imbalances, adhesions, and blockages.

Bones don’t go out of place by themselves. They are pushed out by a blunt force trauma eg car accident, fall or baseball bat. OR they are pulled out by muscle spasms and chronically tight imbalances.

Fortunately for you, by keeping the muscles soft, supple and hydrated, the body can reset itself to homeostasis (ground zero) after a good rest in a comfortable, neutral position.
Meaning: through effective stretching, good hydration & nutrition complimented with being treated by a quality massage therapist – who thinks outside the box to holistically aligning your body and restoring balance – you can avoid the expensive and over priced treatments of the stereotypical (and financially focused) Chiros/Physios that prefer the 5-20 minute ‘treatments’ that don’t address your dynamic needs and evolving body.

Find a great therapist who works towards your health through education, and restoring balance to get you off the treatment merry-go-round.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]