blue measuring tape fork biggest loser and fitness

Are they really the biggest loser?


Do you watch the Biggest Loser?

As a passionate PT who loves to see success stories, I love to watch as these depressed people attack their issues of food abuse and self abandonment. Also watching and learning from the coaches, what to do, and unfortunately, a lot of tips on what not to do.


The best advice I can give you, assuming your are somewhat lost/uneducated about what to do or how to do it – Enjoy the show for the motivation it provides. Ignore the facts, and ‘educational’ aspect of the show.


What these morbidly obese people are achieving, truly is incredible. Their struggles and wins, should be enough to get you started, and help pick you up when times are tough. As for education, please find an amazing Personal Trainer who has a holistic approach to training, understanding advanced Nutrition. This person will become your rock, so you need to like them and respect them.


But if they put you on a diet of Chicken, and greens, run! Run as fast as you can.

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