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Remedial Massage with Daniel Lyttle

Remedial Massage

Posted by Daniel Lyttle on  12/10/2016
Remedial massage is unfortunately an over used term in today’s world, to describe an oil rub of your body. But really – it should be a treatment to rival any Chiropractic or Physiotherapist treatment you could find. The body is a complex organism dynamically responding and evolving to external and internal stimulus. To the untrained eye, the body can be a complex system of foreign names and movements – but really it’s just made up

Weights are easy

Posted by Daniel Lyttle on  16/09/2016
Oh no, the weight was easy. I just struggled to get it up.

Client weight loss

Posted by Daniel Lyttle on  16/09/2016
Today I heard from a client she has found it a challenge,but she has finally cut back on fruit to avoidthe sugar. Next step is to cut back on the biscuits with her coffee....
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Experts say, that 80% of business’ fail in their first year! Of all small businesses’ 90% fail in first 5 years. Of the 10% left a further 90% fail in years 6-10. I’m no math expert, but that tells me only 1 out of 100 small business’ make it to 10 years or more. That’s not good odds. But I guess it does help weed out the not so good ones from the brilliant ones
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As a Health and Fitness professional, I am regularly asked what is the best diet for weight loss/ Optimal Health: What do I think about the CrossFit diet – Paleo, or the 5-2 Diet, Atkins Diet and so on. They all have a purpose, They all have their pro’s and con’s, and depending on your needs, and strengths they can all be wonderful.   But from time to time, people will follow a diet for