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Magnesium Powder

Magnesium. This product is an essential part of your day. It reduces cramps, twitches, Increases muscle function, aids in toxin and stress release.
Magnesium is the catalyst to Calcium. If you are calcium deficient, it is usually because of a magnesium deficiency, as the average person consumes ample calcium.
Also, Magnesium is an essential mineral (salts) that your body needs to absorb the water you are drinking. If you feel dehydrated, but you think you consume enough water (2-3ltrs per day) then try Magnesium.
As a powder, I prefer to take it twice a day, so my body always has some in the tank. At only $38, for a 2-3 month worth, why aren’t you on it?

Almost everyone should be taking extra magnesium. With most people consuming too much sugar, and not enough dark greens, its no wonder we are magnesium deficient.