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diet and the biggest loser - PT near me

The Biggest Loser and Body Confidence

Well, its that time of year again. #TheBiggestLoser is back, and you're either at home eating ice cream and cake while watching it, or you're googling Personal Trainers near me. A lot of controversial shit is about to be thrown into your face as the gospel. Not because its true, but because its on TV, so it must be true. First off I need to say - If you're partner hasn't seen you naked - this is [...]
Daniel Lyttle - Personal Trainer Brisbane

Personal Training in Brisbane

Many people think by hiring a PT they will automatically lose weight and get fit. To a degree you will see some initial results, quickly followed by a plateau and (even worse) a possible rebound. Personal training like anything is a relationship built on trust, transparency and unity. There is no point in your trainer telling you to exercise 6 times a week & live off chicken and broccoli, if you hate chicken and are [...]
Daniel Lyttle - Personal Trainer Brisbane

The Lyttle Difference is officially in their 10th year as a Queensland small business.

Experts say, that 80% of business' fail in their first year! Of all small businesses' 90% fail in first 5 years. Of the 10% left a further 90% fail in years 6-10. I'm no math expert, but that tells me only 1 out of 100 small business' make it to 10 years or more. That's not good odds. But I guess it does help weed out the not so good ones from the brilliant ones [...]